Co-benefit Carbon Offsets

We invest in carbon offsets that also achieve social and other environmental outcomes – its about trees but also the bigger picture

Recreating Habitats

Carbon Landscapes is working with our farmers, community groups and other organisations to offset carbon, restore our landscapes and reintroduce native species into the wild

Carbon Habitat Credits

We work with those who want to see environmental change at a farm, catchment and landscape scale. We partner with those who want to purchase carbon credits to see these changes

Addressing Climate Change at a Landscape Scale

Carbon Landscapes is working with our farmers, community groups and partners to reduce carbon emissions and making our landscapes more resilient and adaptable to climate change

Our Projects

Great Dividing Range Carbon Sink Project

Carbon Landscapes has secured large areas of private forestry plantations across the Victoria’s section of the Great Dividing Range. Additional biodiverse habitat plantings have complimented these plantations to create over 500 hectares of carbon offsets across Victoria.

Gariwerd Restoration Project

Carbon Landscapes is working with Odonata, Parks Victoria and the Natural Glenelg Trust to restore over 90 hectares of habitat adjacent to the Gariwerd (Grampians) National Park and reestablishing native fauna populations for future release into the Park. Species include the endangered Long-nosed Potoroo and Eastern-barred Bandicoot.


Brush-tail Phasocgale Biolink Project

We have partnered with the Bunanyung Landscape Alliance, Central Highlands Water and the Friends of Brisbane Ranges to create habitat patches and biolinks between the Wombat and Enfield State Forests for the rare Brush-tailed Phascogale.

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At Carbon Landscapes, we invest in addressing climate change at farm, catchment and landscape scale. Be part of the solution to climate change - buy a tree, adopt a plantation, invest in a landscape scale environment project, you choose how to help and at the scale you feel comfortable investing in


Help us sustain wildlife habitat and provide other environmental carbon benefits by joining us for $30 a year

Help Our Threatened Species

Financially support Carbon Landscapes and our partners to undertake works to help our threatened species

Carbon Offsets

Offset your carbon with us at a household, business or corporate level.

Regenerative Forestry

Invest in sustainable forestry that has both environmental co-benefits and financial returns

Recreate Habitat

Join volunteer days to support our farmers and communities who are making our landscapes resilient to climate change

Support Research

Help Carbon Landscapes partner with leading universities and research institutions to learn better ways to help our environment



Target trees to be planted



Target habitat to be created



Target number of farmers supported



Target tonnes of carbon sequestrated

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