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Carbon Offset

Carbon Offset

Through sequestering carbon, projects can provide many other environmental and social benefits. Carbon Landscapes offers a variety of carbon projects for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint and for land managers who may also want an alternative income source. Read more on these and calculate your annual carbon footprint below.
Carbon offsets or credits are activities or projects that sequester carbon from the atmosphere to compensate for the carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases (or emissions) created by individuals, businesses and corporates. Generally, one tonne of carbon offset represents the reduction of one tonne of carbon dioxide or its equivalent in other greenhouse gases.

While there is no mandatory requirement for individuals to reduce their emissions, more and more people now voluntarily offset their annual carbon footprint through purchasing carbon offsets. In Australia, with ambitious carbon emission targets of zero now set in legislation by various state levels of government, business and government agencies are now being required to compensate their own carbon emissions on an annual basis. Many of these requirements require meeting annual targets.
Partnering with Carbon Landscapes allows you as an individual, group or business to choose carbon projects that achieve the following;

Partnering with Carbon Landscapes allows you as an individual, group or business to choose carbon projects that achieve the following;

  • Are delivered to a standard, be it certified (e.g. Verified Carbon Standard) or voluntary (e.g. Biodiverse Carbon Offsets);
  • Achieve multi-benefits, including a variety of both social and environmental outcomes;
  • Align with the Sustainable Development Goals developed by United Nations, and;
  • Ensure the current best management practices are adhered to including seed supply, state compliant revegetation guidelines, appropriate site preparation and strategic planning.

Learn more about the different carbon projects Carbon Landscapes that are involved in below.

Biodiverse Carbon Offsets

Through our Biodiverse Carbon Offsets, we focus our revegetation projects on outcomes that benefit our native wildlife such as recreating habitat and wildlife corridors, as well as targeting other environmental outcomes such as improving waterways, addressing land degradation and improving landscape resilience to climate change.

Biodiverse Carbon Offsets also meet your carbon sequestration requirements with one Biodiverse Carbon Offset sequestering one tonne of carbon dioxide.

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Gold Standard Carbon Offsets

Established by the World Wildlife Fund, the Gold Standard certifies carbon offset projects that demonstrate carbon sequestration outcomes as well as positively impact the economy, health, welfare and/or environment of the community where the project is located.

All Gold Standard carbon credits represent the reduction or removal of one tonne of CO2 equivalent, plus the Sustainable Development Goals benefits associated with the project from which they are issued.

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Carbon Farming

Carbon Landscapes works in partnership with land managers, community groups and organisations to develop carbon farming projects that can receive funding under programs such as the Emissions Reduction Fund, a voluntary scheme that aims to provide incentives for a range of organisations and individuals to adopt new practices and technologies to reduce their emissions.

Carbon farming can provide landholders with a source of income, help the environment and potentially make their property more resilient to climate change. There are a number of types of carbon farming available in Australia. Carbon Landscapes specialises those related to vegetation management. Read more by clicking on below.

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